Trainer FAQs

How do I find out the logistics connected to my work? (training location, specific times, etc.) 

Several weeks before your set delivery date, you will receive either a Confirmation Letter (CL) or Service Agreement (SA) that will spell out some of the specifics of your contracted work.

When there is a training event, the training title, location, date and time-frame of the upcoming training will be included on the CL. Additionally, one-week prior to any classroom training a Training Assistant (TA) will reach out to confirm logistics for the training event. The TA will be equipped to answer most questions about the logistics surrounding the training. 

If you are providing services by the hour (coaching, facilitation, curriculum development etc.), you will receive a service agreement. The only logistics information that is included on the service agreement might be due dates for a tangible product, like curriculum. SAs are usually for a date range (Jan 1. 2019-Jan 31, 2019) and so they will not likely specify location and dates. Those logistics must be coordinated with the Workforce Development Specialist (WDS) that has hired you to do the work. It is important that you reach out with any questions regarding logistics as soon as you have received your service agreement, should you have them.  The WDS can also help you liaise with the County, should you need to be in communication about your contracted work. 


What if I want to make changes to existing curriculum I am scheduled to train? 

It is really important to first discuss any recommended changes with the WDS that is coordinating the work before you take liberty to amend existing curriculum. As you may not be the only trainer that utilizes the curriculum, it is critical that we have fidelity and consistency across trainers and training events. In addition, county leadership may need to have input on changes to curriculum that the WDS needs to help coordinate. Minor stylist liberties taken and personal examples excluded, please let us know if there are issues with the curriculum or enhancements you recommend. 


What do I do if I am running late to a training/coaching event? 

BAA’s expectation is that trainers arrive 45 minutes before their contracted training event. There are times that impediments to you arriving on time cannot be avoided but the expectation is that you contact the assigned Training Assistant and WDS as soon as you are aware that you may be late.  You can find the assigned TA information on the pre-training email that you should have received one week before your training.  If you think you will be significantly late and it will impact the delivery of the training event or you cannot locate the assigned TA information, you must call the BAA mainline. Our Administrative Assistant will help you get in touch with the appropriate parties.  

What do I do if I have an emergency the night before or the morning of a scheduled training and need to cancel? 

In the event that you become too ill to train or have an emergency that prevents you from being able to train, it is imperative that you do the following:

  1. Contact the WDS that hired you for the training event by phone and email. This information can be found at the very bottom of your CL. Main desk: 510-271-0951.

  2. In your email, it is highly recommended that you CC the Training Assistant that sent your Training Coverage Confirmation email as well. 

How do I submit an invoice?

There are two different upload methods for submitting invoices depending on whether your are a working as a trainer (under a Confirmation Letter (CL) agreement) or an independent contractor (under a Service Agreements (SA)). In either case, to receive payment you will upload an invoice selecting the correct upload option on this website.

Important guidelines to help you get paid on time:

  1. You can attach multiple documents within a single form if needed (such as for an SA Invoice that requires both, an Invoice document and your Activity Time Log document).

  2. CL Invoices are due within 5 business days from the date of service.

  3. Please include the following information on your invoice:

    • Name of Trainer/Service Provider

    • Current Mailing Address and Contact Info

    • Date of Invoice

    • Invoice number

    • Amount to be paid

    • Name of Training/Description of Service

    • Name of County (as applicable)

    • Fiscal ID (located in top right corner of your CL)

    • The invoice must be addressed to BAA/CSU Fresno Foundation.

  4. Submit/upload your invoice via the Invoice Upload forms

  5. Please allow 4‐6 weeks processing time for payment from the date the invoice is submitted.

How long does it take to receive payment once I have submitted an invoice? 

Assuming the submission is free from error, received within five days of the training event, and includes all requisite supporting documentation, payment should be made within four to six weeks.  For further inquiries, please contact the Workforce Development Specialist that hired you

Where do I find info about the training location (parking, room access, AV resources etc.)  

You can find that information in the Training Coverage Confirmation email that the assigned Training Assistant will send to you one week before training (if it is a classroom training). If you are coaching, you will need to be in contact with the WDS that hired you.  

What do I do if there is an incident requiring follow-up in the training room? 

If there is an incident in the training room that is beyond the typical (tech issues, tardiness), it is important that you discuss the details and concerns with the Training Assistant that is there in the room, and follow-up with the WDS that hired you for the training. There are some occasions where County staff or leadership may need to get in touch with you if the matter is regarding a personnel issue or a breach of county protocol by a staff member in attendance.  If a county staff member or leader reaches out to you about any student or issue from the training room, it is imperative that you first contact your WDS to discuss the matter before agreeing to meet with them. 

How do I get feedback on how I am doing as a trainer? 

There are several ways that BAA provides feedback for trainers. Your first form of data often comes from feedback within the training room, both from the feel and focus of the room, energy from participants and level of engagement. Your next source of data is the Participant Satisfaction Surveys. Although we mostly have participants complete them electronically, you should get a summary of the feedback within two weeks of the training. Please contact your assigned Training Assistant if it is beyond the two weeks and you have not received that email.  The last data source for feedback is direct observation. If you are a new trainer, please expect that you will be observed in training within your first six months to a year.  If you are an experienced trainer with BAA and would like to get feedback on your work, please contact the WDS that hired you for your upcoming work with us and ask for observation.