Implementation Support


What is implementation support used for?

Ensuring that effective implementation processes support the use of effective programs and practices requires deliberate and resourced attention by people and organizations. Doing so requires service agencies to develop, align, and sustain core implementation infrastructure and processes within their dynamic, complex and often chaotic systems environments, and to continually improve implementation processes while underway.

Why is implementation support important?

Children and families benefit from effective program and practices they receive. Research and practice show us that approximately 10-15% of service delivery agencies can do this important implementation work on their own. As such, the addition of carefully designed, proactive, and ongoing implementation support can strengthen the odds of systems’ effective program delivery and getting to improved outcomes for children and families.

What is effective implementation?

Effective implementation requires clarity and agreement about the explicit, stated intervention and how it fits within the county context and serves the mission of the organization. The intervention must be defined, clearly understood, realistic, and possible to implement.

How does Bay Area Academy provide implementation support?

Building on counties’ strengths and unique infrastructures, BAA's aim is to design and operationalize a system of support that attends to executive, integrative, and day-to-day leadership and management functions necessary for effective implementation of any integrated practice and system improvement.

In partnership with key county stakeholders, BAA can provide facilitative coaching and consultation so that counties meet their desired objectives in the focus areas.

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