Workforce Development

The Bay Area Academy offers a range of Workforce Development services to support counties’ goals for enhancements of child welfare programs, and to support the continuation of demonstrating the values, practice elements and behaviors of the California Core Practice Model for Child Welfare. These services include initial and ongoing consultation with implementation teams, leadership development, organizational growth, classroom training, coaching, field-based training, technical assistance, customized curriculum development, research, and evaluation projects.

Bay Area Academy’s offerings support the federal outcomes of Safety, Permanency and Well-being of children, youth, families and communities. We integrate evidence-based and promising practices, trauma-informed practices, approaches that support cultural humility and institutional equity, coaching, and methods to encourage retention of child welfare staff at all levels.

Workforce Development Services

Implementation Planning & Support

  • Readiness assessment

  • Implementation planning, initial and ongoing

  • Tools informed by implementation science

Leadership Development and Organizational Growth

  • Core for supervisors & managers

  • Advanced training for directors, managers & supervisors

  • Coaching program

  • Team building

  • Tools to support goal setting and planning re: organizational development

Technical Assistance

  • Subject matter expertise

  • Production of infographics, job aids and other resources to support practice

  • Consultation to policy analysts and workgroups

  • Skill building for staff development on project management, curriculum development and training delivery

  • Research

  • Online learning


  • Core training

  • Evaluation

  • Advanced training

  • Specialized, county-specific training

  • Trainings for trainers

Field-Based Training & Coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Coaching skill-development for managers & supervisors

  • Coaching for transfer of learning

  • Field-based training to individuals and units

Curriculum Development

  • Extensive database of curricula, which can be modified to meet county goals

  • Development of new curricula

Regional & Statewide Collaboration

  • Learning Collaboratives – learning and strategy sessions regarding implementation of initiatives

  • Statewide Workgroups – provide input to CDSS on initiatives, plan conferences, set goals for curriculum and oversee its development, and manage evaluation